Second District Election: David Stewart profile

David Stewart

Biographical info (age, address, family, education, employer):

34 years old

Residence: 7719 Ensign Circle, Liverpool

Education: SUNY Cortland, BA political science, 1998; Syracuse University College of Law, Juris Doctor, 2001

Employment: AnCor, Inc., General Counsel

Why are you running for county legislator?

Many of us, myself included, go to work, manage our homes and tend to our families. We only notice the government when we interact with it, but in recent months employment is down, taxes are up, and it is increasingly difficult to support our families. It is no longer okay to leave financial decisions for the county in the hands of elected officials, who either by design or default have become career politicians. In tough economic times, business and family minded people must come to the aid of government, by ensuring that political decisions are not made in a vacuum, but with real world experience and perspectives. Fiscal conservatives like myself have a responsibility to ask "why" when government raises taxes instead of becoming more efficient. This was the role of my predecessor on the county legislature and, with the support of the voters, will be my role in January. In addition, I intend to apply business fundamentals and accountability to the operation of government.

What are the major issues in the second district that you would address, and how would you address them?

I think the people of the second district see the American dream slipping away. For the first time since the founding of our country, my generation believes it will pass on a lower quality of life to our children. Last year, through smart consolidation, the people of the second district and the town of Clay as a whole, realized a property tax decrease. The newspaper has recently reported that those taxes are expected to go back up this year to help balance a budget bloated from state and federal mandates and duplications of services. I have walked through many of the neighborhoods in the district, and what I and my team have heard most is that people want to keep more of there money, to help keep there homes and build wealth. The people are frustrated by the cost of operating government. It ultimately comes down to jobs and housing. They want to be able to find good paying jobs, and to continue to be able to afford to raise their families in this community. These are the things I will fight for when elected.

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