Neil Minet is DMS 5th grade math champ

Neil Minet is DMS Champ in 5th grade New York State Mathematics League Contest

On May 14, 124 fifth grade students participated in the annual Fifth Grade New York State Mathematics League Contest. Students were given 30 minutes to complete 30 challenging math problems. Because of the high level of difficulty, a score of 12 is considered commendable. Contest officials report that very few students who take the exam throughout the state receive a score as high as 24 points. The following is an example of one of the more challenging problems that students were asked to solve:

"Jake has 100 square tiles, each of which has a perimeter of 4 m. If he forms a rectangle using all of the tiles, what is the smallest perimeter the rectangle he forms can have?"

A) 40 m B) 100 m C) 202 m D) 404 m

Six students received a terrific score of 24. They are Meg Blystone, Emily Buschbascher, Abigail Kankus, Peter Rao, Schuyler Stuart, and Chris Torell.

Certificates are awarded from the Math League to the students who attain the top five highest scores. A book is awarded to the student with the highest score. There were nine students who had the top five scores.

Five students received the third-highest score of 25. They are Matt Bailey, Tom Dailey, Maverick Keegan, Haley Randall, and Sydney Stehle.

Three students share Second Place Honors with outstanding scores of 26. They are Julia Holynski, James Murphy, and Teagan Todd.

The Driver Middle school Fifth Grade Math League School Champion, with an awesome score of 27 is Neil Minet.

Congratulations to the students with the top scores and to all who participated for their outstanding efforts!

(The correct answer to the sample question is 40 m.)

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