Creamery archives moved to new storage space

The usually quiet Skaneateles Historical Society Creamery Museum was filled with raucous noise Saturday morning -- hammers clanging on metal, men's voices in discussion and the occasional grunting from lifting something heavy.

All those noises were caused by Skaneateles Sunrise Rotarians and a few other volunteers as they took down shelving units and moved them from the old cooler to the new one.

"If you compare them, it's almost doubling the space that we have," said Laurie Winship, museum director at the Creamery.

The original cooler space, which was insulated with a four-inch layer of cork and wood chips in each stud, was emptied out and the archival records stored within were transferred to the new cooler. The new archive room is 12-by-30 feet and the gently downward sloping ceiling is 11 feet at its tallest.

The new space is the first part of the Creamery expansion project to be completed.

"It's exciting. It's the first phase of the expansion project to be done," Winship said. "The steering committee has done a wonderful job at allocating the money that they've collected."

Once the room was nearing completion, the big question for the historical society and the board of directors was how to get everything from one cooler to the other. That's when Sunrise Rotary Community Service Chair Mark Schafer saw in the historical society newsletter that people were needed for painting and moving.

"We're a fairly small group so this is a perfect project for us," he said.

The timing was also perfect as Schafer was in the process of looking for the organization's next service project and when he saw the need, he called Winship and told her they should be able to do the entire move in about four hours.

"We're just so grateful for their help," Winship said.

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