Consider being a bone marrow donor

Asthma: Serious asthma (poorly controlled, or requiring hospitalization).

Autoimmune Disorders Not have autoimmune disorders (such as lupus, rheumatoid arthritis or multiple sclerosis).

Back (neck or spine) problems: Back problems (sprains, strains and aches) are common and usually will not interfere with marrow donation. However, serious back problems, particularly those requiring surgery, may be a cause for deferral. If you have significant back problems, consult us.

Blood pressure: Elevated blood pressure (hypertension) is acceptable if controlled by salt restriction or medication.

Cancer: Cured local skin cancer (simple basal cell or squamous cell) and cervical cancer is acceptable. Most other forms of cancer may prevent you from becoming a donor.

Diabetes: Medication-dependent diabetes is not acceptable. Diabetes controlled by diet is acceptable.

Epilepsy: More than one seizure in the past year or multiple seizures are not acceptable. Epilepsy controlled with medication, when there has been no more than one seizure in the past year, is acceptable.

Heart disease: Prior heart attack, bypass surgery or other heart disease is not acceptable. Mitral valve prolapse that does not require medication or restrictions is acceptable. Irregular heartbeat not requiring medication is acceptable.

Hepatitis: Hepatitis B surface antigen is not acceptable. Hepatitis C antibody is not acceptable. Any other hepatitis history must be evaluated early in the actual search process. Hepatitis vaccine is acceptable.

Lyme disease: Asymptomatic Lyme disease is acceptable if the donor has been treated successfully with antibiotics. Chronic Lyme disease is unacceptable.

Malaria: If you had malaria more than three years ago, you are still eligible to be a marrow donor. If you finished a full course of antimalarial drugs more than six months ago, you are also eligible to donate your marrow.

Obesity: Body Mass Index is used to evaluate weight. Donors may be deferred if obesity presents donation risk.

Organ or tissue transplant: Heart, lung, kidney, bone or other organ or tissue transplant recipients are deferred.

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