Rivoli searches for Rockwell's America

On the evening of Wednesday Aug. 12 community members had the chance to hear Skaneateles resident Kevin Rivoli talk about his book "In Search of Norman Rockwell's America" at Borodino Hall.

The event was hosted by the Spafford Area Historic Society. Rivoli, a professional photographer, talked about the creative process that went into making the book and those in attendance were able to ask him questions at the end of the presentation.

Rivoli wanted to recreate Norman Rockwell's paintings of America with images of everyday, small town American life. Rivoli said he wanted to disprove all the critics who said the America Rockwell created was incorrect and never existed.

He was able to take 68 images he had photographed around Central New York and paired them up with Rockwell's paintings.

Rivoli went through about 20 years of images to pick out the correct pictures that would fit the likeness of Rockwell's paintings. He wanted to capture the image for the Rockwell recreation as it naturally happens instead of staging the shot.

Rivoli said he wanted to put a book out portraying Rockwell's images of America as a way to reintroduce Rockwell to younger generations.

"The generation that knows Rockwell is fading and the younger generation wont know who he is," Rivoli said.

He wanted to be able to embrace the simple experiences and enjoyments in life as Rockwell has and also to prove the America of Rockwell's generation still exists.

Rivoli will soon start a two-year tour of the United States to promote "In Search of Norman Rockwell's America." The tour will also have an exhibit that includes Rockwell's original paintings and Rivoli's images for the public to view.

Rivoli said he wanted to set up the tour and the exhibit in smaller venues to give people a chance to see his images and Rockwell's paintings together.

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