Wild horse adoption in CNY

Eight months ago she said, "there was something about his face," something about him that made her sure that she wanted to bring him home. The woman in this picture, Stacy Gutheinz of Durhamville, and the "he" have been in each other's company every day for about eight months. The humble lad she brought home was then 3-year-old mustang she named "Cowboy."

{Q}"He made a long trip to get to his new home," she said.{Q}

Cowboy was located in California and then travelled by trailer to Nevada, then to Oklahoma, and Illinois, until he finally made his last stop in New York to meet his new family.

Gutheinz found Cowboy, now 4 years old, through an online adoption-auction ran by the Wild Horse and Burro Adoption Program, which operates under the U.S. Department of the Interior Bureau of Land Management. The adoption program hosts online and live adoptions throughout the country.

Gutheinz said she had heard about the program when she was only 13 years old, but knew that she would have to wait until she was at least 18 by the qualification standard. Even after she was on her own after high school and college, she was living in an apartment that wouldn't allow her to keep a horse ,for obvious reasons.

Now, Stacy and her husband Paul live in a home they built two years ago with a pasture on their property that their two other horses Ice, 10, and Onion, 9, enjoy daily. Stacy started to tell her husband about her dream to adopt a wild horse many years ago. He mostly thought she was kidding, although her persistence to talk about it made him realize that she had great passion for this program.

"After he realized I was serious, we built a new corral," Stacy said.

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