Students serve up meal for seniors

Ever wonder what it's like to have breakfast to the tune of a student orchestra and served your meal by fifth-graders?

Senior citizens in Skaneateles do.

On Tuesday April 21, local seniors packed into the cafeteria at State Street School to enjoy coffee and a delicious meal while several students wandered about asking if refills were needed or trays carried.

"We never know how many people to expect," Superintendent Phil D'Angelo said. "It's a wonderful experience for both sides."

The senior citizens look forward to attending the breakfast where students perform with the fourth and fifth grade orchestra, show off their talents in individual piano recitals and the third-graders in Janet Fagal's class give poetry readings -- from memory.

According to Seniors of Skaneateles Chairman Bill Pavlus, the seniors enjoy the entertainment and particularly the showcase of young talent in the district. In the fall, seniors are treated to a luncheon.

The students enjoy the experience as much as the seniors do.

"It feels good to help other people that are old," fifth-grader Nevan Rourke said.

As they ate their breakfast and waited for their ride home on the school bus, senior Caroyln Splane said she though the event was great.

"It's getting them to associate with adults," she said. "It teaches them to be able to be out in public."

Overall the students were receptive to helping out and Splane felt it was good for the students and the seniors to have that connection. Not only was she enjoying her time at the school, but Splane was also recounting her nearly 14 years as a bus driver for the district.

"The students were great," she said remembering back.

As they finally got a break to have their own breakfast, students sat together visiting like their elderly counterparts were.

"I think it's a boost for helping the community," fifth-grader Sam Duggan said. "It's an opportunity to show our kindness."

The students and staff were given a round of applause before the Seniors of Skaneateles were loaded back onto the buses to go home.

Next year the spring breakfast will be held at Waterman Elementary.

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