MCS News and Notes: KCH kindergarten parent orientation

Third grade students selected stories, practiced presentation and fine-tuned expression and tone, all under the watchful eye of Mitch Weiss and Martha Hamilton, the Beauty and the Beast storytellers. The library audience was filled to capacity on March 30 with Kringer's class and April 1 with Healy's class as the young third grade storytellers shared their tales of spiders, hawks, porcupines, coyotes, skunks, bluebirds, monsters and trolls, and even golden shoes. Storytellers and their stories from around the world are listed below:

Janet Kringer's Class

Ben Beratta -- Who Ate the Split Pea Soup

Daniel Wrona -- Unwelcomed Company

Matt Spicer -- The Beautiful Dreams

Emma Stuart -- The Golden Horn

Lily Powell -- The Boy Who Looked After the Pigs

Michaela Snook -- Coyote and the Money Tree

Sydney Spanfelner -- Terrifying Trick

Katherine LoCastro -- The Mayor's Golden Shoe

Rebecca Nutting -- The Mouse that Ate the Lion

Jillian Hunt -- The Rat Princess

Audrey Jordan -- Why Anansi the Spider has a Small Waist

Sam Hayduke -- The Biggest Donkey of All

Maria Healy's Class

Ethan Molinari -- The Golden Arm

Chantelle Jandrew -- The Mysterious Box

Mackenna Caryle -- Three Goats in a Turnip Field

Bradley Bednarski -- The Terrifying Trick

Con Clarke -- Coyote and the Money Tree

Caroline Delaney -- The Fox and the Goat

Emmet Powell -- How Bluebird and Fox Changed Colors

Luke Norstad -- How Brazilian Beetles Got Their Gorgeous Coats

Caroline Keegan -- the Little House

Jack Ritchie -- The Monster Under My Bed

Mackayla Spicer -- Why Anansi the Spider has a Small Waist

Joe Riccardi -- Unwelcomed Company

Madeline Mahoney -- Oh That's Good, Oh That's Bad

Nate Knapp -- The Beautiful Dream

Julia Stowell -- Who Ate the Split Pea Soup

Rachel Tanguay -- The Rat Princess

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