Taxed Enough Already!

T.E.A. party draws a crowd outside the Federal Building

On April 15, Syracusans joined citizens around the country in a peaceful protest regarding government spending. The T.E.A. Party demonstration in Syracuse, Taxed Enough Already essentially wasn't about right or left, CNBC or Glen Beck, or even Obama or Bush. It was about concerns over high tax rates and big government. There were many handmade signs exclaiming this message directed at cars traveling by on Clinton Street. It was extremely patriotic in nature, right down to the red, white and blue music that blared throughout the two-hour event from 11 a.m. to 1p.m.

"Pitched as a non-partisan protest, but dominated by conservatives and libertarians, the national Tea Party protests took place in over 800 locales -- from mega-city Atlanta to little Craig, Colo. -- with people waving mostly homemade signs, chanting "USA! USA!" and recalling the spirit of the country's revolutionary roots to demand smaller, more responsible and more constitutional government," from the Christian Science Monitor online.

The T.E.A. party movement that supposedly hatched on CNBC has been driven by the Internet and also talk radio, many in the Syracuse crowd commented on how they didn't trust newspapers or television news.

One thing that is really hard to determine is exactly how many people really attended, because it was essentially a moving target and also people came and went. But be assured that those that did attend were having a great time. It wasn't anything like that Dec. 16, 1773 tea party in Boston Harbor, which involved hijacking a British ship under the dark of night and dumping its cargo. Instead, this was like the many labor strikes one encounters in Europe, a happening, with a large dose of excitement and fun for people of all ages and political leanings.

Why now though? Most people when specifically asked if this was about Obama said, this wasn't really about the current administration, as it had its roots in the Bush years. But the stimulus package had just pushed it up a notch.

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