Looking Backward: Wright's Corners School, District No. 12

This week's story is about the old Wright's Corners School, District no. 12, 10th in a series regarding our early schools. Wright's Corners marks the spot where Lamson Road crosses Route 48, once known as the old State Road, about five miles north of the village of Baldwinsville. The building still sits on the northeast corner, where it now serves the Baptist congregation of the Lamson Road Community Church.

The old schoolhouse has been there for at least 150 years, as an 1860 map of the town clearly shows it in its present location. The building's longevity can be attributed partly to its construction. According to an article from the Messenger dated Aug. 8, 1995, the current church congregation discovered during the building's renovation that "At the entrance to the schoolhouse are slats of wood, some more than 20 inches across, and the church is grounded on 35 foot beams. 'We don't even have trees that wide anymore,' (one man) said of the lumber used in the original construction." Since it ceased being a schoolhouse over 50 years ago, it has housed various church services on the weekends. And, even when its primary purpose was schooling, it still served as a local meeting house and occasional church for the surrounding farm families.

While clearly a community, Wright's Corners isn't as much a hamlet as a crossroads. You'll find local landmarks on the other three corners including Brzostek's Auction House, Tim Reeves' Old Lamson Station Store and the Wrightway General Store, owned and operated by Mike Casale. I'm indebted to Mike for his generous support of local history, especially of nearby Lamson Station and Little Utica. Still, as a crossroads, Wright's Corners merits no mention in any of the old tomes on which I rely for the history of Lysander and its schools. Beyond the books, however, there are old maps, newspaper articles, census archives and cemetery records. Based on these sources, I've pieced together a sketchy history of Wright's Corners.

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