Discussion, no decision in Marcellus

Thursday's meeting between Marcellus village and town officials addressed weeks of back-and-forth between the two entities and public rumors but failed to result in a clear decision by the town board on the topic of the old library building.

Village Mayor Michael Plochocki's claim that the old library could be renovated for just $750,000, as per Lake Architectural's rough preliminary plans, were under scrutiny of the town, but the discussion proved the town's opposition to the idea came down to more than just dollars and cents.

The town board's main argument against the concept was the idea of trading one 100-year-old-plus building in dire need of renovations for another, as the old library building needs a new roof, new heating system and handicapped accesibility.

Supervisor Dan Ross commented that Lake Architectural's concept, which included office space in the basement of the old library and narrower hallways than the town's $3.2 million renovation scheme, was unacceptable.

"I would not put my employees in that basement," Ross said, adding that his biggest issue with the plans was that the town was never contacted for input.

Plochocki and Trustee Mary Jo Paul indicated that the firm had put together the plans for their purposes only, to determine whether or not the building would physically be adequate for the town's needs, not to present to the town for actual development.

The village representation went on to urge the town for a clear-cut answer - yes or no - on the old library.

The bottom line is, we own a vacant building, Plochocki said. If the town was not interested, the village would need to decide whether to move their offices to the old library or to sell it.

The meeting closed with the town promising the village a final answer on the building within the next few weeks.

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