Cicero town board

The Monday night Cicero town board meeting was business as usual, including several zoning issues, property deeds and water easements.

The board agreed to allow residents who currently live on agriculturally designated parcels of land to state their cases if they desire to have their land re-zoned.

According to town director of planning and development Wayne Dean, it's harder to obtain permits for sheds, swimming pools, decks, and fences when community members reside on agricultural land. The zoning simply does not permit most general changes or additions to residents.

There will be a public hearing for zoning changes on Tuesday, June 2. A particular group of community members are residents of the Bear Road and Oak Street intersection.

Property owners in the area will be notified of the possibility of re-zoning.

The date of the grievance day was changed to June 2 because of the added responsibilities town assessor Brad Brennan has taken on with the town of Salina.

In other business, Cicero resident Robert Byrne brought an ongoing issue to the board's attention Monday night. Byrne realized that he was not legally the owner of his house when he attempted to refinance his home in 1998.

He paid the town and county appropriately since purchasing his home, but the property deed was never properly put in his name.

The board and town attorney will have to take the information and hopefully have an answer for Byrne within 30 days.

"If we have to wait 30 days, we've been waiting 11 years," Byrne said. "It's no big deal."

Legally, the town must review the issue as a referendum and then do a final decision to properly attribute the deed. Although the idea sounded peculiar, the town must allow any opposing petitions for whatever reason until settling the issue.

Water easement

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