Camillus police release annual report

When the Camillus Police Department released their 2008 annual report earlier this year, it served as both a reminder of how much the officers do in the community and a starting point for improvements.

Camillus Police Chief Tom Winn said although the department has compiled annual reports in the past, the 2008 version is the most complete and comprehensive and will serve as a template for coming years.

"This was to get an overview of the good things our officers are doing," Winn said. "I just know that it reaffirms with me the volume of calls that these men and women take care of, and complexity of calls they take care of. When you start looking at the amount of work these police officers do its pretty amazing."

A team effort

The report was compiled in-house by department staff using numbers from 2008.

"It was really a team effort, different people provided information, and I just compiled the report," Winn said, though one member of the staff stood out.

Deputy William Wafful played a key part in the report by extracting statistical data from the countywide system and producing several graphs used in the report, Winn said.

It is easy to tell that the officers are busy by listening to the radio and shift reports, but to see an entire year of activity compiled makes it easy for officers to see the big picture.

"I received word back from officers that it kind of educated them on the bigger picture versus just their own shift and their own assignments," he added.

Uses of the data

One of the purposes of the compiled data will be to help the department determine where and when to deploy resources to meet fluctuating demand.

"It really helps us to know where we should be and really helps us to determine the times of day and days of weeks we're busiest, and allows us to schedule for those things," Winn said. "And then it allows us to figure out why those things are so."

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