B'ville: Thanks for the Years

Trustee Rick Presley capped off 20 years of village service this week.

Residents, former and current political figures honored Presley with words of appreciation and recognition, as well as presenting him with a plaque for his years of service beginning Nov. 20, 1989 and culminating April 6 this week.

Surprisingly, the Baldwinsville resident began his political career when he was appointed to the position in 1989. He was subsequently elected to the position every year since and has served through the retirement of three police chiefs. Presley joked at Thursday's meeting that he was not sticking around for the current Police Chief Michael LeFanchek to retire.

The Baldwinsville Messenger interviewed Presley about his years of service.

Why did you first get involved?

"I was asked by the mayor at time if I would be interested in an appointment to the board to fill a vacancy. I didn't really know alot about village government, but I served as director of park operations and maintenance for Onondaga County where I handled the budget and personnel. What I did for the county sounded like what I would do for the village.

"Once you get involved and interested, it just kinda gets into you. I had no political interest, I liked the business of village government. When Dan O'Hara became mayor, he asked me to be deputy mayor. When Andy Dryden became mayor, he asked me to be deputy mayor. Hopefully I added a little bit to the equation."

Why did you decide not to run again?

"I'll still be a resource, but I have a grandchild who is getting older and I want time so we can do some neat stuff.

"You hope other people with new perspectives and ideals will get involved and honestly, I'm taking a break. Maybe I'll get involved again, but for right now, I'm taking a break."

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