B'ville residents beware of coyotes

Baldwinsville pet owners watch out.

Recently family pets have been coming up missing in the Abbotts Landing and Holly Hill areas. Coyotes and foxes are the suspected culprits. There is a large sewage treatment plant in the neighborhoods, with a large wooded area, where coyotes have been spotted. They have also been spotted down along the river in the back of the neighborhoods.

Brian Mitchell of Baldwinsville said his family indoor cat disappeared one morning.

"Our cat was an indoor cat," he said. "He was never one to run away. He would sit on the deck for about an hour and then come in. When he didn't come back after an hour, we knew something was wrong."

According to Mitchell, he knows of five cats that have gone missing in recent weeks, but has been hearing stories that more are missing, along with a dog. Within the past week, his neighbor's indoor cat has also gone missing.

"People need to be aware," Mitchell said. "We are moving into their (the coyotes) area. I just wanted to try and get the word out. I am trying to do something positive out this horrible situation. We need to raise our level of awareness. I just wanted to get a warning out to people of this area, or any area, to be careful of their small pets with the coyotes out there."

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