Lenox: Sewer sub-division questioned

Grace Rapasadi, new to the board in January, said she too would have to research it but wanted to know why Barres had waited so long to come forward.

Barres said he had been concerned with the system for years and had addressed the board one other time, although Palamara has been on the board for 10 years and said he didn't recall Barres ever approaching the board on this particular issue.

Barres was concerned that the sewer system constructed for the sub-division on Roberts Street did not follow DEC guidelines of a minimum of eight-inch sanitary sewer main with a six-inch service lateral.

DiVeronica explained that there is a four-inch lateral line from the house to a grinder pump. A two-inch lateral connects to the village's sewer main. He said it's all done according to code. He said he had DEC approval and had been looking for the paperwork.

Barres brought up a sewer project on Snell Road for a main extension that Barres' father began. Barres read a letter he received from the town telling him the sewer system was installed without DEC approval. He recited town code to the board stating the main sewer line must be eight inches and the lateral from the property to the main must be six inches. He said all extensions to sanitary sewers should be properly designed in accordance with DEC codes.

"I would like to know how some people in the town of Lenox have all these guidelines they have to follow and others don't have guidelines to follow, when the guidelines say you got to have DEC approved permits and plans, it's got to be inspected and everything like that. You know, all the important stuff," Barres said.

"I have DEC approval," DiVeronica said.

"Where is all this DEC paperwork?" Barres asked. "No proof means nothing. You've been telling me for seven years you have a letter. You don't have it. Why was my work stopped and his kept going and he built all those houses? Why was my work stopped on Snell Road by the town supervisor and his work was not?"

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