Lenox: Sewer sub-division questioned

Snell Road resident Jim Barres accused town supervisor Rocco DiVeronica of "using his position to get what he needs and he doesn't care about other people."

"If I was the board I would ask for your resignation" Barres said.

At the board meeting held Sept. 8, Barres appeared agitated and somewhat frustrated when it came to getting answers from the town on a Freedom of Information Law request he made in a letter dated Aug. 29.

"I wanted to review the [state Department of Environmental Conservation] approval for a sewer system on a DiVeronica sub-division on Roberts Street Road but it seems the town clerk has no plans or nothing for that," Barres said. "I was just wondering why."

DiVeronica said he had the paperwork but would need to find it. The paperwork from the mid-1990s, which is when the sub-division was put in, is in the basement of the municipal building, according to the clerk, but the document Barres is requesting she doesn't have. Other documents available to the clerk were found and given to Barres within 24 hours of the request.

"I think Rocky you better not answer any of these questions right now," Barres said. "I think you should stand down because it pertains to you. If I ask you as a contractor that would be fine, but as a town board member or town supervisor, I don't think so."

The developer for the sub-division was DiVeronica's son, Steve DiVeronica. The property was owned by DiVeronica Bros. and purchased by Steve DiVeronica.

"I would like to hear from some of the town why there is no DEC approval plans for the sewer on the sub-division and how did the sub-division get approved and how were the homes built? Would anyone like to answer me?" Barres asked.

Councilman Anthony Palamara said the sub-division was before his time as a board member and wouldn't have any personal knowledge of the project. Palamara said he just received the request from Barres on Friday and hadn't had time to research it.

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