Meet Everson's new director

I was thinking as I parked and that when this building was first unveiled, it occupied an entire square of green, and over the years that's been encroached upon. There was something magical about this square of green in the center of a downtown with an art museum in one corner of it and the spaciousness that provided.

Yes. Cities are alive -- even when cities start to sort of tighten in on themselves? I think for things always to stay the way they were is unrealistic when you're in the middle of a city. If we look at the plans for this entire part of downtown -- for all of downtown, for this entire section of Central New York -- I'm delighted that the Everson is right in the middle of everything.

I wanted to wait to interview you after you first got here. I'm wondering what you've learned in these six or seven weeks. It's kind of a big question.

It's kind of a big question. And I think what I've learned has been all positive. I'm still trying to figure out what makes certain things tick. But I am struck by the level of collegiality that exists here, in so many places -- an eagerness to share and collaborate -- not just in programs but in deep, reaching, meaningful ways. And hands were extended right away, from the get-go. And so I am getting to know a community incredibly fast.

It may be exactly the right-sized city.

In so many ways, it is exactly the right-sized city! And it's the right-sized city where things can get done pretty quick. I want the Everson's ideas and information going out, but I also want a tide that comes back in. Because there is no substitute for the direct experience before a work of art. You know, if you're not comfortable going into a museum, if you're not comfortable with art -- if you feel it doesn't belong to you, and you don't have enough of that curious bug -- actually to want to check it out -- then the art museum is never going to happen. I really want people to love art museums as much as I do. And that does require understanding the way others think. It requires approaching things from multiple points of view.

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