Lenox: Public hearing addresses property maintenance

The second of two public hearings on a property maintenance violation was held Monday night. S B "Barney" Viterise of 3756 Seneca Turnpike was cited for having accumulated a large amount of junk, debris and unlicensed motor vehicles on the property. The 10-day abatement notice dated Aug. 15, 2007 read "violation consists of metal vehicle parts, vehicles and metal being stored on your property."

At the first public hearing Aug. 11 Viterise said all the vehicles on the property had been registered and insured and he was making an effort to clean the place up but wasn't really sure what the violations were.

Codes enforcement officer Richard Stagnitti was concerned with the vehicles and metal parts, wood and wooden pallets strewn about the property.

At that time, the board agreed to have Stagnitti visit the following day to check on his Viterises progress.

After visiting the property the following day, Stagnitti said "more needs to be cleaned up."

During the second public hearing Sept. 9, Stagnitti said a portable building on the property needed to be addressed.

Viterise said he would address the temporary building, which has been on the property for five years and is where he holds his summer garage sales. He said he puts it up in the summer and takes it down in the winter but right now it has his brother-in-law's belongings in it. Viterise said his brother-in-law and niece and nephew had moved in with him, which was a temporary situation.

Viterise said he thought Stagnitti had given him until November to clean things up.

"I don't recall that," Stagnitti said.

"If you are asking me to remove the wood I heat my home with, I'm not gonna do it," Viterise said. "I put the piles of wood in stacked order on wooden boxes and pallets."

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