Anusara Dara hits Caz

"I love yoga so much because it helps me be a better mom, a better person and a better wife -- because I get perspective," Harper said. "Yoga is most important when you use it in the world."

Harper has marketing ideas as well as various approaches for special classes to target different clientele.

"It is really about incorporating everyone in the community...so there must be a variety of classes," she said.

Some possibilities include:

Yoga for Totally Inflexible Men Who Can't Touch Their Toes: Using formulas to create flexibility.

Free Your Hips and Your Mind Will Follow: Hip openers

Healthy Backs: Strengthening and stretching specifically for those with back problems, along with some education surrounding how the back works and is supported.

I (Heart) Handstands: Not for the beginners!

Yoga for Golfers: Finding physical center, rehab knees, strengthen ankles.

Yoga seeds: Learning foundation; how to achieve a pose physically.

"There are poses, such as Downward facing Dog, that are both beginner poses and master poses," Harper said.

For Harper, yoga is a lifelong commitment.

"With her extensive yoga background and positive energy I have no doubt she will be a an overwhelming hit in our yoga community," Steinhorst said. "What we find really unique, and refreshing with Dara is her sincere enthusiasm to reach out to our local yoga instructors in hopes of pooling energies and uniting forces."

Harper will begin a six-week session at 7 p.m. Thursday Sept. 18. Classes usually last about an hour and a half. Those interested should call 655-BFIT (2348).

"When I first arrived I was wildly trying to store food away for the winter, and now I feel that I can appreciate the natural wonder of an apple orchard, not just trying to preserve applesauce," Harper said. "So I think this is the way of things, pushing ourselves into the future and trying to hold onto something that is ripe with change, rather than just appreciating the subtleties and the sweetness of what is."

"We are so excited to have Dara with us," Steinhorst said. "She is just full of energy and like a breath of fresh air."

Call for a reservation and bring your yoga mats: Yoga for Strength and Toning - All Levels - with Dara.

"And so my offering comes of new yoga classes...," Harper said. "Classes to help us appreciate the fall colors, warm us in the winter and prepare us for the road ahead."

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