CNY for McCain is confident

The Palin pick

All along they said they knew McCain wanted a younger governor with executive experience, and that Palin was always on the list. Both men were pleasantly surprised by the pick of Sarah Palin for Vice President, and they think she hit it out of the park with her acceptance speech at the convention.

"Palin's speech was the most exciting, but Giuliani certainly was a good warm up," Tangredi said.

"We think the Republican Party picked the best candidates for the times," DiBlasi said.

He said, Palin brings a strong perspective for the love of her country; She has a close knit family and understands leadership.

McCain was the man of the hour

"Sarah got the crowd going," Tangredi said, "but McCain's words 'Fight with me,' really mean something. He wants a better country - and he can do it, as he knows how to have working relationships."

He has worked both sides of the aisle DiBlasi said.

Tangredi, who was involved in the Vietnam conflict during the same time as McCain, feels confident about his measure of the man.

After he spent time in the Hanoi Hilton, McCain dedicated his whole life to this country he said.

"If the Democrats want to talk about real change," DiBlasi said, "it started when McCain first got elected and refused earmarks for his state."

He has never taken an earmark, which is hard not too, he continued, I don't blame anyone for bringing home funds to their state. But if we need to make real change the only person who can provide leadership is someone who doesn't do it.

Also, McCain is a real military strategist. During his first term in congress he was faced with a vote to send troops to Lebanon. McCain voted against President Ronald Reagan's proposal, as he knew the marines would be sitting ducks. Unfortunately, he was correct DiBlasi said.

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