Caz: More than a massage?

"I teach clients while massaging," she said. "I tell them what I find and I advise them to make changes to live healthier and to live more stress-free."

Inside the temple -- house on Fenner - there are candles and incense burning. In the room with the massage table there is a salt lamp glowing and quiet Reiki music playing. There are the essential oils of chamomile, tangerine, lemon grass and wintergreen. The outside world melts away as only light traverses through draped linens of calming colors.

"I ask questions about physical health, and mental and emotional health," Potteiger said. "We look at those things and we address them through bodywork, energy work and the use of imagery."

Clients, including people recovering from injury or surgery or anyone dealing with major life transitions or just people trying to cope with everyday stress, take off their shoes and hats and coats, and find relief as the burden of their stress lifts painlessly layer by layer.

"I help people achieve more of a balance spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically," Potteiger said.

With 15 years of experience, Potteiger performs her hands-on practical magic with a confident grace that exudes tranquility and urges wellness to all who come in contact. Sessions are usually 75 minutes short and hours are arranged by appointment. Call 558-8635 or email lpotteiger@twcny.rr.com.

"Everyone needs to learn that their capacity for healing lies within; it's not outside of us," she said. "Clients leave feeling more relaxed and with more knowledge of how to better take care of themselves; they leave with a sense of peace."

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