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Syracuse for Obama on a roll, read all about it in Lisa Daly's blog:

Lisa Daly is a self-proclaimed political junkie with the credentials to back it up. This Syracuse native has three degrees from Syracuse University including an undergraduate in Public Communications from S.I. Newhouse, a Masters in Instructional Design and Development and Evaluation from the School of Education and a Ph.D in American History from the Maxwell School.

"My political activity is grounded in a deeper knowledge," Daly said.

The 36-year-old Daly originated Syracuse For Obama (SFO), a grassroots volunteer On Thursday Aug. 28, it had 400 people turn up at the Palace Theatre in Eastwood to witness Barack Obama's acceptance speech. Small independent theaters all over the nation hosted similar parties.

Obama's acceptance speech had 38 million recorded viewers. That's more than the Academy Awards, the "American Idol" finale and the opening ceremonies for the summer Olympic Games in Beijing, China.

Meanwhile, Daly wasn't one of these statistics. Instead, she was in Denver as a delegate from the 25th congressional district of New York.

"It was more fun than human beings should be allowed to have," Daly said of the Democratic National Convention that had her on schedule each day from 8 a.m. to midnight.

Daly, who works full time as an Internet consultant with Logicalsolutions.net out of Syracuse, has volunteered on political campaigns before, most recently with Dan Maffei, but this is her first leadership role.

To read about her Denver experience firsthand go to syracuseforobama.blogspot.com.

The following is one post:

Roll call of states

Today we finally found out how the rollcall vote works. This morning when we got our credentials, we were also asked to vote for our candidate with an X next to the name and a signature. I found my name on the list, marked an X for Senator Obama, and signed the sheet. Senator Clinton met with all of her delegates at 3pm today, just prior to the rollcall, and released each of them to vote as they saw fit, while stating that she was supporting Barack and hoped they would too. As an Obama delegate, I was not present at the meeting, but just knew what Clinton delegates had told me about it. I am not sure if the New York Clinton delegates were directly told this ahead of our morning vote or not, but many seemed to know already and voted accordingly.

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