Canastota: Sewer charges amended

An informational meeting will be held at 7:15 p.m. Nov. 3 at village hall to inform the public on proposed revisions to the local law regarding sewer provisions.

Mayor Todd Rouse said under the new provisions, "everyone will contribute to the debt, even pieces of property not developable." In the past property owners who didn't hook into water did not get charged for sewer.

"Not anymore," he said. "A vacant piece of property will be charged a quarter of a unit."

"The water rate may go down, possibly, I can't promise it though," Rouse said. "But the debt will be listed as debt."

A sewer debt unit is defined as a set of annual charges established and imposed in the village for recovery of debt associated with the sewage works serving the village and any sewers located outside the village that are connected.

In January of next year, the village assessor will submit to the village the number of units contributing to the sewer debt.

Users of sewage works will be billed separately for costs associated with operations and maintenance based upon water consumption. Sewer costs will be determined on a year-to-year basis, computed quarterly and placed on water bills. The board expects to adopt a schedule of rates defining the sewer debt unit to be levied against the tax parcels within the village as well as the annual operation and maintenance costs that will be included in the quarterly water bills of users.

The village will in turn provide annual budget information relative to sewer debt units, operation and maintenance costs to the local government of each jurisdiction where a district is located. Jurisdictions are required to adopt local laws implementing similar billing procedures.

Parcels are defined as and will be billed as:

Accessible improved parcel is defined as a parcel of land that is improved and accessible to the existing public sewer by means of a lateral only; and will be charged one sewer debt unit. If the parcel contains multiple structures it shall be charged one sewer debt unit per primary structure, excluding any accessory use or building that is not connected to the sewer.

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