Marcellus' Sgt. Guerin is given keys to his new palace

The home was built by Pigliavento Builders who felt honored to be part of the project. "We felt blessed," said Jack Scalice, "blessed to be part of such a great project."

Even though it only took 87 days to build the home, the road to it has been long for Guerin.

How it happened

Army Sgt. Jeffrey Guerin was serving in Afghanistan in 2004 as a medic with the 25th Division's 2nd Battalion, 5th Infantry Regiment when, out on a security patrol, his vehicle was ambushed and destroyed.

The impact of the explosion broke both his legs and shrapnel from the explosion blinded him completely in his left eye and left minimal vision in his right.

Guerin, himself, still doesn't remember what happened that day. He only knows he was basically blown up, but his friends tell him, even though Guerin was severely injured he still talked his friends through how to take care of the other wounded soldiers.

After his injury in 2004, Guerin moved in with his parents on Reed Avenue and has had surgery after surgery to repair his legs and salvage some of his eyesight. To date, he is completely blind in one eye, has very limited sight in the other eye and has limited mobility.

Because of his injuries, Guerin can only stand, according to his mother Colleen, for an hour a day -- 10 minutes at a time. Surgery after surgery has healed his right leg, but has left his left ankle in shambles.

Earlier this year Guerin had stem cells put into his ankle to try to re-grow some of his bone -- in the hopes the ankle will start almost repairing itself, otherwise it may have to be amputated. The doctor is optimistic though, Guerin said, and he is hopeful this last surgery will work and that he will regain the use of his left leg in the future.

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