A holistic approach to feeling better

Jill Gage has been teaching and practicing Reiki, an ancient Japanese healing technique, at The Center since July. Gage is a certified Reiki master and practitioner, and explains that the technique "heals on all levels, spiritual mental, emotional and physical," and is also used for stress reduction and relaxation.

"Basically the practitioner is a conduit," adds Gage, initiating healing through very gentle physical touch.

Jeanine Eckenrode holds a Master's degree in Art Therapy, which combines artistic expression and psychology to address such mental ailments as stress or trauma. This technique is equally effective in children as it is in adult patients. "Children are a little bit more open to this," explains Eckenrode, "maybe because they are more open to expression." However, many of her seminars are open to participants of all ages, and in workshops designed specifically for adults, she has witnessed very positive responses to the therapy.

Other staff members include hypnotherapists, yoga and Tai-chi instructors, estheticians, an Acupuncturist, a naturopathic doctor, a luminous healer and a licensed clinical social worker.

"You're going to find a caring group of practitioners here," declares Giacona. "We'll sit here and have a roundtable discussion about a particular patient," in which practitioners discuss which methods might be most beneficial to a client's specific ailment. "We're really working and brainstorming to get (the clients) to where they need to be."

Though many services offered at The Center provide alternatives to traditional healthcare, Giacona makes clear that she is in no way opposed to more conventional practices.

"We certainly do not believe that medication is unnecessary," explains Giacona. "A lot of people think that because we are an alternative or integrative center that we don't believe in those things."

In fact, she freely admits that certain conditions indisputably call for traditional medical techniques. Additionally, those "individuals who are not willing to make a lifestyle change" will probably not benefit from the services offered at The Center. In those cases, traditional medicine is probably the best option.

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