A ghost atop the hill

Out on Rose Hill Road, the rolling hills appear serene and peaceful -- an image of tranquility.

But with All Hallow's Eve upon us, could it be possible that a wayward spirit is roaming the trails of the local pumpkin patch?

Tim's Pumpkin Patch -- named after Tim Leubner -- is well known for its pumpkins, certainly, as the Leubner family plants more than 50 acres of the crop each year. But, ghosts? Could the fields be known for those?

"We definitely feel a presence here on this farm," Erica Leubner said.

There hasn't been anything to make her believe the family farm is haunted, though. Then again, "haunted" often is marred with a negative connotation, invoking fright, feelings of being scared.

Feeling a presence is different than seeing actual evidence of paranormal activity. When Leubner was approached a few years ago by two men saying they had photographic evidence of an image at the pumpkin patch, she was skeptical of their claim because she was not shown the photograph.

According to Leubner, when the men took a photo of the side of the barn, there was nothing there. Once the film was developed, the barn told a different story.

"He said (the image) looked like an angel," she said.

After a hiatus from learning of the first image, Leubner has once again been told of strange things appearing in pictures. On Oct. 12, Alaine Colley and her father, Bill, spent part of the afternoon at Tim's Pumpkin Patch.

The 14-year-old Skaneateles High freshman was busily snapping away with her camera when she took a landscape shot of the trees at their peak of fall splendor. A few hours later, she was calling her father to come take a gander at what she had on the screen of the digital device.

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