Roadwork puts bump in doing business

The residents and business owners along North Street and the surrounding streets are near wits end.

The reason? The construction and roadwork being completed from the main intersection north through the business district, past the schools and across the bridge.

Paul Street homeowner Judy Roche said the construction crews park their vehicles in a lot across from her home, and the workers haven't been acting in a neighborly manner.

"Across the street from me they're storing their equipment and they come out of there hell-bent for election," Roche said.

With the vehicles roaring in and out of the parking are at high rates of speed, Roche said the dust begins flying and because of it she rinses her car off almost daily, washing it with soap on Fridays, and also goes to the extent of wetting the road to limit the amount of dust being kicked up by the tires.

"I've gone out and watered down the road with my own hose," she said. "They don't water it unless you call them."

Because of the dirt, Roche said she was not able to have the windows in her home open throughout the summer months. She's also had to bleach the siding on her house to remove the grime that is left behind.

"They've got to work, I understand that," Roche said. What she's having trouble wrapping her head around, though, is why work begins before area children go off to school. One of her primary concerns is the safety for the children.

"The kids can't be out on the street at all until (the Department of Transportation crew) go home," she said.

While residents are tired of the hassle of being blockaded each time they leave their street, the businesses along North Street are getting hit in the pocketbook. Standing at the counter inside Calley's Hardware on North Street in Marcellus, having a conversation with the door open was near impossible on Friday as a small group of DOT workers drilled into the sidewalk at the front of the store.

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