One mom turns grief into action

"It is people sharing hopes, dreams and pain in an effort to warn young and new parents how they cannot afford to be clueless," Angelillo said about the video that will be shown at events such as school assemblies, back to school nights and athletic code enforcement nights. "We interviewed students and parents across the community -- it's a very good cross section."

Corsello, who served two years in state prison and one year on probation, was also consulted.

"I'll live with this until I'm in the ground," he said in the video. "It'll never go away."

As for Matthew's surviving family members: "Everyone handles their grief differently and that's the most difficult thing in a family," Angelillo said. "You tend to deal with everyone handling it in a different way."

When Angelillo approaches her audience, she speaks of her own regrets, wishing she communicated more with other parents about how to handle teen drinking; her pain; her healing process and her hopes to create awareness about the dangers of drinking and driving that may save lives. She also sets realistic goals as to how many people her insight and words might influence.

"The first thing I'll say to myself is, 'If I only reach one person, my efforts are worth it," she said. "I will get a handful [of students] that will write to me, send me emails, come up and speak to me afterwards, ask me questions and thank me. It's that handful of students that keeps me coming back."

Getting help

Educational Consultant Nancy Edwards works with 75 to 100 families per year, acting as a conduit guiding kids in the right direction. She works with children and teenagers from all areas of the country, backgrounds, and needs, and specializes in adolescents at risk.

"The families with whom I work are usually college-educated parents whose kids are bound for really good things until something happens and they start going off on the wrong path," she said.

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