Caz: Reviewing the Lake Policy

Chrstakos has met separately with all the members of the board of trustees, and has provided his statistics on the usage of the launch.

"We appreciate his efforts and will be looking at his numbers as we revisit the regulations in the off season," Dougherty said.

"Regarding information published recently about the village's decision-making process in adopting our current policy, it's important to note a couple of factors," Wheeler said. "First, the old status quo prior to 2008 was the worst of all worlds, with unregulated, uninspected access to the lake from three public access points 100 percent of the time. In cooperation with the town, we are now down to one access point with enforcement and inspections during times of peak usage. A lot of valuable data was collected this season which will help us to further refine and improve policies for the Lakeside launch. Second, in terms of total use, it's important to note that the maximum number of non-resident boaters making use of the lake at any one time via Lakeside was nine. That figure has been obscured by some other figures which may be misleading."

The village and the town of Cazenovia have enacted a resolution forming a Cazenovia Lake Watershed Council and issues affecting the lake can be brought up and discussed with the council. The council will study the issues and then make recommendations to the village and town boards. Any community members that would like to comment on the first season of the new regulations at Lakeside Park can get their comments to the Watershed Council. The village representatives are Trustees Kurt Wheeler and Russ Brownback.

"We will be working on the regulation this fall and winter," Dougherty said. "Get your comments in early, boating season is just around the corner."

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