Canastota schools to hold character education assembly

Canastota's educational consultant Otis Jennings will facilitate the Camfel Productions presentation "Trust Me!?" at an assembly scheduled for Dec. 2 for seventh through 12th grade students.

Presented will be a multi-media blending of "popular music, feature-film clips, human interest stories and insightful narratives" that addresses character building strategies.

"Trust Me!?" will ask students to consider how they are living their lives. Is their character defined as honest, sincere and trustworthy? Do others consider them as a person that can be counted on and trusted?

They'll be challenged to ponder the answer to questions like, "Is it ok to cheat on an exam? When my parents say, 'be home at 10,' is 10:30 acceptable? Is it right for me to bully or tease others? Should I smoke, consume alcohol or take drugs in order to appear cool to my friends?"

The program encourages students to realize that actions speak louder than words. The phrase, "Do as I say, not as I do" will be rewritten to say, "Trust what I say as you see what I do."

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