Truck protest on track for Black Friday

"It's going to eliminate, specifically the municipal waste haulers" from getting off the interstate at the Homer exit, said Mayor Robert Green. He added that the New York State Department of Transportation regulations would be prohibiting those vehicles from traveling through the small village.

Long haul trucks, or tractor-trailers, would also be affected by the proposed regulations that are in the works by not allowing them to travel state Route 20.

"If they're long haul trucks they should be on the interstate," Green said.

However, Charlie Claburn, the regional director for Truckers and Citizens Unite, said with the cost to travel in New York, between the Highway Use Fee, which is generally supposed to go to the state to help with maintenance on the roads traveled, a per ton fee for the weight of the trucks and working in a state with one of the highest fuel taxes, to take different routes, such at Route 20, to get to their destination is cheaper and a shorter distance for them to travel.

"It's a lot more miles to take the rural routes," Claburn said. "It's not a short cut. It's the shortest distance."

Claburn added drivers are not avoiding the interstates, but they are simply following the easiest route.

"When has it ever been mandatory to travel the interstate?" he asked, adding that he is all for finding an agreeable solution to the issue at hand.

According to Green, those involved in negotiations for the truck traffic regulations are trying to come up with a solution to keep the trucks on the interstate because they should not be cutting up through the Finger Lakes region. Unless there is a local delivery being made, Green said trucks would be prohibited.

"The only thing I can say is Vinny (Gramuglia, Mohawk Valley Truckers and Citizens United director) and Charlie Claburn, their organization is an example of what communities and the Safety Coalition is working against," Green said. "It's a great example of what we've been up against."

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