No more detours for Route 174 travelers

Travelers coming to and leaving Marcellus will no longer be daunted by signs indicating that the bridge is closed.

Mayor Mike Plochocki received word Friday morning that the New York State Department of Transportation had completed the bridge the brings motorists into the village by way of Route 174 and that it would finally be open, ahead of schedule.

An impromptu ribbon cutting ceremony was held at 2 p.m. on the south end of the bridge amid snow flurries and whiteout condition. To commemorate the moment, Plochocki was joined by village employees, residents and elementary school children who clapped and cheered as the red ribbon was cut in two.

"It was so nice to have all the kids there go 'Yay,'" he said.

The bridge had been closed right around Memorial Day, said village Clerk Dawn O'Hara.

"They started last spring. It was before school was out," she said.

While the bridge was closed, trustee Mary Jo Paul, who has been a resident for 35 years, has driven out of her driveway on First Street, turned and come to the stop sign at North Street and then proceeded left to cross the bridge on her way to Camillus. Now that she's gotten acclimated to turning right and using the detour, Paul wondered if she would continue to automatically go that way even though the bridge has been reopened.

Despite the possibility of using the detour still, Paul's favorite moment through all the construction was when the state installed flashing lights in the school zone.

"We're so happy to see those big flashing signs for our schools," she said. "When I saw them go up I was thrilled."

Throughout the last several months, roadwork has interrupted bus routes, school attendance and businesses, and through it all the village has received several calls from weary residents.

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