Liverpool stadium committee makes recommendations to BOE

After four months of work, Liverpool's Stadium Committee presented its final recommendations to the Liverpool Central School District's Board of Education at their regular meeting Monday night.

The plan recommended that the school install and eight lane all-weather track, an artificial turf field measuring 360 feet by 225 feet and create bleacher seating for 2,000 spectators.

Currently the bleachers do not meet U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission Guidelines because of the large 14-inch gap through which a child could easily fall. The bleachers are also not ADA compliant as they are not wheelchair accessible. The current eight-lane track was deemed unsuitable for competition and the artificial turf field was taken offline because over 60 percent is unusable, Acting Athletic Director Mark Potter said.

"It's very simple because we need three things," Stadium Committee Chair Jackie Samora said. "We need a playing field, we need a track and we need a safe place for spectators to sit."

The committee made its recommendation and the board aims to make a decision by the next meeting on Dec. 8. Two previous votes were defeated by the community. The committee has elected not to recommend changes to the lighting, scoreboard, restrooms and storage because they want to go bare bones and only address the necessities, Potter said.

"The current state of affairs is not acceptable," Stadium Committee Chair Jim Stoddard said. "You get that feeling in my stomach when you are at these other facilities. It eats at you; our teams need to have a home field."

Budget cuts could cost district over $2 million

Over the past few months Liverpool Central School District focused mainly on internal problems that beleaguered the school district. However, yesterday evening the members addressed an issue that is plaguing not just Liverpool but schools all across the state. Katherine Phillips gave the board the first look at the school's 2009-2010 budget calendar, a yearly routine that has tremendous importance looking toward the future.

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