Sylvan Beach snow removal crew ready to go

It took just seventeen minutes for the mayor and the trustees for the Village of Sylvan Beach to conduct the regular village meeting on Nov. 17 in the village hall.

Approval was given to pay the bills for the month of November totaling $35,607.96.

Highway Superintendent for the village, Joe Benedict gave his report.

"Virtually all the leaves are on the ground and the village DPW will continue to pick them up until all the piles are gone or there is too much snow. Property owners will find it much easier if they will rake or mulch the leaves now, in stead of waiting for spring." he said.

The snow removal crew is three men this year, including Benedict, however there are two to three men on call if needed. The village equipment consists of a plow truck with spreader, pick up with plow, skid steer with blower and or a broom for sidewalks and a loader. The truck for leaf removal will have a plow installed as soon as its present task is completed. The new snowplow has been ordered, but is not expected to arrive for at least a month.

"Salt prices are up about 30 percent and the current fuel prices are a bit higher than anticipated on our budget projection. However, fuel prices are decreasing and I'm hopeful we will finish the year very close to budget." Benedict said.

Lighting Solutions plan to finish the new LED lighting on the Bandstand this week if possible. They are also providing some LED street lamps to the village to demonstrate the advantages of LED lighting. It's believed that LED lamps will last longer and cost less to operate while still emitting adequate light. The plan is to test the lamps on the Canal Wall because it is metered and has high visibility.

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