Pollster's view on election '08

Despite the cold and flurries, the pews of St. James Roman Catholic Church were filled on Nov. 21 with an audience eager to hear the eighth speaker in the Cazenovia Forum Lecture Series: Founder, President and CEO of Zogby International, pollster John Zogby.

Zogby linked humor with critical issues as the audience reminisced about an election that he labeled, "Enormous, euphoric and historic."

Never again will the idea of an African American or woman running for president be questioned, Zogby said. This is a different America. Zogby labeled Barack Obama an 'internationalist' as he stated, "He's lived all over the world, just like our children."

Ages 18 to 29 were bracketed and branded as "globals."

"The entire world is their playing field," Zogby said.

And not just the rich are traveling.

The "globals" are the least likely to label America as superior to other countries, and he believes that this unprecedented global sensibility is inspirational " and just won a big election."

Sitting in the audience, Dr. Peter Tamburro, retired superintendent of Oneida City Schools, said he felt Zogby provided more insight into what really occurred and why. Tamburro said Zogby's talk about a global generation led him to think about his son's travels around the world.

On the other hand, McCain was labeled as more of a 'nationalist.'

"Some would say its Sarah Palin," Zogby said of McCain's loss. "It wasn't Sarah Palin. It's never about the vice president."

Tamburro, though, said Palin had an influence on him, and it wasn't a good one.

Another audience member, Mary Margaret Freedman commented that Sarah Palin was McCain's first executive decision, and many people did not like this decision.

According to Zogby, as early as 2006, Americans began to recognize that the nation was facing a serious crisis. Eighty percent or more saw the country as heading in the wrong direction.

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