Lenox.: No change in passing zone

A request made this summer to the town to close up a passing zone was reviewed by the county highway department and warranted no action at this time.

The passing zone, located on Route 31 between Walnut Point Road and Route 13 was studied by traffic engineers who focus on sight distance, pavement markings and existing signs, physical characteristics of the highway and accident history.

The study revealed that over a three-year period from January 2005 to December 2007 there were 17 accidents. Studied was a stretch of highway just west of Walnut Point Road to just west of Route 13. A detailed reported revealed that none of the accidents were attributed to improper passing. Accidents were due to failure to keep right, unsafe speed, improper turning or failure to yield the right of way.

In a letter written to the town by regional traffic engineer Nicolas A. Choubah dated Oct. 28, the segment of the highway studied will continue to be monitored for any changes.

Hydrant markers sought

At the regular board meeting on Nov. 10, fire fighter Bruce Chandler of the Canastota Fire Department thanked the board for its past support asked if it would help the department in purchasing fire hydrant markers.

"We have money in the budget to buy markers," said Rocco DiVeronica, board supervisor. "I don't know how many, though." The markers, which sell for $27, are attached to the hydrants permanently. The reflector at the end aids fire rescue in spotting the hydrants at night and the length of the marker helps them determine where the hydrants are located under snow banks.

Lights in Patane Park

DiVeronica said he thought it would be nice to have lights installed professionally in Patane Park. Because downtown no longer has lights in the trees DiVeronica felt the community needed something to brighten it up.

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