Sharing time in sacred spaces

Laura Ponticello has been acting as a bridge that brings women together for quite some time now. After all, her last name translated means "little bridge."

On Thursday Nov. 13, Ponticello once again acted to bring women together in the first of what some may hope to be many fireside chats at Creekside Books and Coffee on Fennell Street.

The evening was about sharing sacred spaces with one another and to help open women up to the concept of sharing without fear, Ponticello brought out Jill Little and Val Cook, co-authors of the book "Sharing the Medicine of Love."

"In my mind, sacred mean peaceful, still," Ponticello said. But then the renowned book reviewer got out a dictionary and looked it up -- sacred truly means "a place of tranquility."

"That's what tonight is really about," she said.

In letting go of the worries and stress of everyday, women in the audience -- well over 30 women who left standing room only for the event -- were able to find sacred spaces in the crowded room. To set the mood, Ponticello introduced Skaneateles resident and energy healer Bonita Shear who spoke of bringing back the sacred to everyday and the importance of love, not only giving but also receiving.

"Women are the glue to the family," Shear said. "It is important to be a receiver of love."

Who better to talk about being both givers and receivers of love than the authors of the newly released "Sharing the Medicine of Love"?

With limited time to talk about their experiences, retired LeMoyne College professor and also Skaneateles resident Little, 68, took the floor.

"I have so many friends in this room that I could cry," she said.

The book that began as pieces of thought written out on paper at 3 a.m. took two years for Little and Cook to write. The women have played golf together for 30 years, but it was only recently that Little felt inspired. She would get up in the middle of the night and write, then, regardless of the time, she would call Cook and tell her what she had just written.

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