Raises for Vienna employees topic of hearing

The meeting at the town of Vienna town hall on Thursday Nov. 13 began with a statement read by supervisor, Nicol Baker outlining the accomplishments and various issues that have been resolved by the new administration. She then went line by line through the proposed budget for 2009.

At a standing room only public hearing 26 people voiced their opinion concerning the budget for 2009.

"I'm here to support these people." Inez Fuller said to those present, "I think they do a terrific job. I come here often, I come here during the day when they're working and I see that they're working. You don't get something for nothing, and this town has been in disarray since 1999. When are we all going to get together and recognize when we've got something good. These people are good. Now if you vote them out of office you've probably lost your last best chance of ever having a really good working community. I'm just like everyone else; I work from paycheck to paycheck, actually for me it social security check to social security check. It takes everything I earn to keep my campgrounds going; my taxes are high, extremely high, but I won't give it up, it was my late husband's dream. Now if you love your town, you love your community, you love your children; you better learn to love this board 'cause if we lose them we're not ever going to replace them. I really truly believe, from the bottom of my heart, we had better do something to keep them here." Fuller then returned to her seat amid a large round of applause in support of her statement.

Of the 26 people that stepped forward to voice their opinion, 15 were for the budget as is, seven were against, two were only against the raise for the codes officer, one person was against the raise for the town clerk and two were undecided.

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