Controversy arises about pay raises in Vienna

Constituents crowded the Vienna town hall in North Bay on Nov. 5 eager to voice their opinion concerning a pay raise for several members of the town administration.

"This is a town meeting not a budget meeting, we are setting a date for a public hearing tonight that will deal with the budget." Supervisor Nicol Baker said. However, several constituents insisted on being heard by the board and were allowed to speak. A number of constituents quoted a newspaper article printed in the Camden Queen Central News on Nov. 3.

In response Supervisor Nicol Baker, said, "The article people are reading didn't have it right, in November 2007 the budget was created for 2008, the A fund had no money for the assessment department. In 2009, we have helped our budget by dispersing the money properly throughout the A , B , DA , DB funds. Before it was all put into the highway funds, the past administration did not properly budget money within the A Fund (General Town Fund) for the 2008 year. The Town Board had to eliminate jobs during the 2008 so we could make it through the year with the money that was budgeted by the past administration in the A Fund. This year we are making sure we budget appropriately throughout all our funds. "We are not broke, per say."

"It said so in the newspaper." Interjected a voice from the crowd.

"No the newspaper wrote it wrong." Baker said. "The A fund is broke this year. Everybody knows how this budget was set up by the previous administration. But we are working and we've cut back quite a bit and we have changed several things, such as our phones, to save money, just to get us through. That doesn't mean our B, DA and DB funds were broke.

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