Canastota: Fourth grade test scores dip

Tracy Mosher, principal at Roberts Street Elementary School's presented an update on the fourth through sixth grade Comprehensive Development Educational Plan at the Oct. 28 board of education meeting. The district's main CDEP goal is to improve student achievement with 80 percent of all students passing state assessments.

Fourth grade Cohort data showed an 11 percent decrease in performance in English Language Arts and a 7 percent decrease in performance in math scores.

Mosher said it was a disappointment but the Building Planning Team took several factors into consideration.

"We had to look at the transition from grade three to four," Mosher said. "The transition is huge from South Side Elementary to Roberts Street Elementary. It's a big change for students here at Canastota."

Mosher told the board that maybe they should consider beginning a transitional program for students entering fourth grade to help calm their fears. They could expose them to the options available in fourth grade so they are not scared, she said.

The team also considered time management when analyzing the drop in test scores.

"Time management is given to [third graders] and not in grade four," Mosher said. "Fourth graders have to learn to manage their time."

On a much more positive note, 81 percent of the fourth grade class is passing state tests in science, according to the data.

The grade five Cohort data showed an 18 percent increase in ELA and 7 percent increase in math.

Sixth grade data showed the largest increase with 22 percent of the students passing state assessments in math. The class is currently at 80 percent. ELA improved by 4 percent.

Mosher said new elements were added to the plan.

Universal screening was implemented, which focuses on specific areas of strength and areas to be addressed for each student.

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