Skaneateles farmers speak against truck enforcement

But for the farmers and local business people the stepped-up regulation has backfired and is instead hurting their businesses by delaying them and forcing them onto alternate routes that avoid the village center. It also has forced them to pick up merchandise outside of the village center. The enforcement is upsetting for area businesses because it is dipping into their pockets -- not because of the fines from traffic tickets, but because of the time and money lost from travelling alternate routes or picking up things they need.

Each time a truck is pulled over and inspected, a process that could take hours, work is delayed and money is taken out of the farmers and other business owner's pockets.

A truck that is pulled over is usually on its way to a site where others are waiting on them; if they are being detained then others are detained, and when it comes to harvesting a crop, or bringing milk to market this detainment makes a difference to all involved.

"What you have to understand is we may have people waiting for us out on the fields and if we are delayed (for some frivolous meaning) then the people waiting for us is delayed and right down the line. What it's doing is taking money out of our pockets, that's what its doing -- people don't realize that," Greenfield said.

Dirk Young of Twin Birch Dairy has also seen the effects of the increased traffic enforcement.

"You have to understand, farming is the number one industry in New York state, number one. We're the lifeblood of the communities and if we can't do our jobs, everyone is affected," Young said. "I think it's 70 percent of the land in Skaneateles is owned by farmers and the state wants it to stay that way. With around 70 percent of the land controlled by agriculture in Skaneateles it helps keep the lake clean and the land open and undeveloped. I would hope this is a common goal of everyone."

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