Chittenango Schools: Bolivar Road hosts special guest

In an era where public figures like musicians, actors and sports figures write stories, it's hard to get a feel for who really has writing talent. Audience members got a taste of former football player Tim Green's gritty literary style when a student asked what it was like on the field.

Green compared it to standing in the middle of traffic on Route 81 and getting hit by cars. The summarization here does not do it justice.

Green could have been introduced as a former NFL player for SU and the Atlanta Falcons, lawyer, coach, public speaker or commentator. He seems to prefer the roles of reader, writer and family man.

Green spoke at an assembly at Chittenango Middle School on Team Spirit Day in front of an audience sporting favorite jerseys and team colors. Green told them that when he was in middle school, he was passionate about football and reading and how they helped him be successful. He had the talent, a great support network and luck: Things he believes are crucial to achieving one's dreams. He says talent is something one either has or doesn't have.

Kids can frequently find good support networks in parents and teachers, he said. Green went on to explain that while luck is great, it's not dependable. The most important factor to success, he believes, is hard work. It doesn't matter how much talent, support or luck a person has if he or she isn't willing to work for it.

He also believes in being polite, respectful and kind.

That's success, he said.

He has known many over the years with money and material goods who are still failures as human beings. Green stresses doing well in school because school helps a person determine who he or she is. Being able to play professional football is only temporary. Once a player retires, it's over. But nobody can take a person's education away.

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