Caz: Not only about running into buildings

"Stearns and Wheler has been very gracious allowing myself and another mutual aid fireman to respond to calls during working hours when the need is the greatest," Hodges said. "We've been fortunate to have mutual aid firemen. It's a real asset to the community."

Mutual aid is an agreement between different fire departments to allow firefighters the right to respond in the area where they are employed.

"They will drop pretty much anything that they're doing when that call comes," Gissin said. "They go out in all kinds of weather, do the job, without getting paid, then they have to come home and do their day job."

As always, the Cazenovia Fire Department is looking for new recruits. Anyone interested can find information on the web site at cazenoviafire.org. Rob Spearing, of the department, maintains the site.

"It's not only about running into buildings that are on fire," Hodges said. "There are other jobs that are necessary on the fire grounds or accident scene. There's apparatus operations, lights, ladders, water supply and other things."

The Easter Ball

The only fundraiser for the fire department has been the Easter Ball which has gone through many changes through the years, from flowing gowns to Nik and the Nice Guys disco. Once again, this year's fundraiser was a success.

"I'd really like to thank the community for their continued support," Hodges said. "It's important to get the equipment and training opportunities that are funded by the Easter Ball."

Taking their fundraiser seriously, the firefighters are not permitted to drink during the night of the ball. They serve beer responsibly and cut off those who have had enough. They must attend training sessions from I'm Smart for this event.

"They cannot drink and respond," Gissin said. "They have that ball every year and they know they could be there having fun."

A saying around the firehouse is if you are on a barstool when the siren goes off, stay on the barstool. And the siren can go off anytime, day or night.

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