Caz: Yay or nay?

Yay or nay?

The village and town hold (last?)public hearing on comprehensive plan

By Willie Kiernan


On March 18, the village and town of Cazenovia, along with Environmental Design Research, unveiled a long awaited Comprehensive Plan at a public hearing attended by more than 100 interested citizens. On Wednesday May 28, the public is again invited to share their thoughts and concerns regarding the plan with members of the village and town boards at 7 p.m. in the municipal building.

The May 28 public hearing will give residents one more opportunity for input on the Comprehensive Plan and a chance to see how the SEQR process is progressing," said Paul Brooks, Cazenovia Village Trustee. "There has been an unbelievable amount of volunteer work on this plan, and folks in the community should come out to hear and gain more information about it.

The 200-plus-page document is available at the town and village offices and also online. It is a detailed map of how the area will grow, how that growth will be molded and what it will look like. It attempts to walk the fine line between growth and retaining the character that is unique to Cazenovia.

"As I have gone around gathering signatures for re-election in June, I have gotten lots of feedback on the plan, the vast majority highly positive," said Kurt Wheeler, Cazenovia Village Trustee. We are nearing the end of an incredibly thorough, inclusive process that has been conducted over more than a year's time. I remain strongly committed to the belief that, overall, the plan reflects the desires, priorities and best interests of the community."

There were a few in disagreement with the plan at the March 18 meeting. Town and Country Plaza owner Dave Muraco had recently bought property across the way on the south side of Route 20 with intentions to develop. Though the Comprehensive Plan allows for more developing on that property than before, it's not retail, which is what Muraco had in mind.

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