Liverpool: Former Review editor succumbs to cancer

Dailey said Fulmer was the driving force behind bringing computer technology to LPL.

"She immediately saw the potential of technology for public libraries," she said. "She helped the Liverpool library become one of the first to use it."

Dailey agreed with Welcher that Fulmer would be hard to replace.

"I know how much we'll miss her," she said. "She helped make us a better library."

A Liverpool promoter

Fulmer's death came just 15 days after Liverpool First emerged victorious after its hard-fought five-year battle against locating a Wal-Mart Supercenter on Route 57.

"We're absolutely thrilled," Fulmer told The Review on April 26. "We knew we were right from the start, that Route 57 was just the wrong location for a store of that size. So we're pleased that they made the decision that they should have made. It's wonderful news."

"Wal-Mart probably hated her," joked Joseph Spado, a friend of Fulmer's. "They probably couldn't stand the sight of her."

Spado, a music teacher with the Liverpool Central School District and director of the Liverpool Community Chorus, of which Fulmer was one of the original members, said he had known her since childhood.

"I knew her my whole adult life and most of my kid life," he said. "She was such a great lady."

Spado recalled her efforts on behalf of the village and the community.

"She was really a Liverpool person," he said. "She was so pro-Liverpool -- she was always doing everything to promote Liverpool.

Founder of Liverpool First

That love of her community prompted Fulmer to start Liverpool First, a small organization meant to promote village life and protect it from outside influences like Wal-Mart.

"Liverpool First started as a small group in 2002," remembered Liverpool Mayor Marlene Ward. "She was chair and my husband, Ace, was co-chair. She did a lot of behind-the-scenes work, writing and so forth."

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