Caz: The plan is in

The plan is in

Some applaud the committees for their efforts, others say, What?!?

By Willie Kiernan


The town and village of Cazenovia convened last Tuesday March 18 for a public hearing and the unveiling of the joint comprehensive plan.

"This is a real milestone -- both municipalities have merged their efforts and now we're looking forward to your comments," said Liz Moran, Cazenovia Town Supervisor.

Village Trustee Kurt Wheeler began the hearing with a Power Point presentation, reviewing the various sections and details of the plan.

"I'm just a prelude; you are the main highlight," Wheeler said. "We're here tonight to listen to your comments."

The presentation began with the questions: Where are we now? Where are we going? Where do we want to be? How do we get there? The determination was that there was ineffective zoning, no connectivity, edgeless borders and unprotected views. The basic aim is to retain character but not squelch economic growth.

"Our community is aging and we want to make sure that everyone can still find housing," Wheeler said.

"Part of our vision is to have housing for everyone, especially for senior citizens," Moran said.

A major issue in the plan was the Route 20 corridor on the east side. It was determined that the north side of the road should be built up in keeping with the character already there, the Town and Country Plaza, McDonald's, etc. The south side development, according to the plan, will be severely restrictive, in keeping with that character.

"This is where the rubber meets the road," said Ted Bartlett. "It was said that Cazenovia was discovered and we're not ready. It's time to get ready."

Various speakers got up to commend the different groups for their efforts, then there were others that seemed incredulous that a plan such as this was not the very thing that would squelch economic growth.

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