Attention Baldwinsville property owners

Assessments were sent to every property owner in greater Baldwinsville earlier this month, thanks to Assessor Theresa Golden and her staff.

Golden is the first assessor to have primary control of assessments for both Lysander and Van Buren as a result of the recently approved coordinated assessment program. In an effort to streamline government, both towns agreed to the trial program in which they share an assessor.

To make sure all residents receive appropriate attention and information regarding their assessment, Golden recently met with the Baldwinsville Messenger to respond to some commonly asked questions regarding assessments.

How does the coordinated assessment program for the towns of Lysander and Van Buren effect town and village residents?

Residents should see very little impact. Both offices are functioning separately as before. My week is spent between both towns -- Mondays and Fridays in Van Buren and Tuesdays through Thursdays in Lysander. The exception is during informal meetings where I spend one week in each place alternating throughout March and April.

What is an assessment?

An assessment is an indication of market value, and in Lysander and Van Buren it should represent the full market value.

How do you determine the assessment?

Assessments are determined using recent sales of similar properties within the same neighborhood.

How does that differ from an appraisal?

When a property is assessed at 100 percent, the two terms should be comparable.

How often are properties in Lysander and Van Buren assessed?

Properties are reviewed each year by neighborhood and changed only when necessary because of real estate market changes.

How often are assessments changed?

It depends on market value changes within each neighborhood each year.

What if someone doesn't agree with the given assessment for their property?

The first option is to meet informally with me to discuss your assessment. The second option is the Board of Assessment Review, which consists of five property-owners within the corresponding town who are appointed by the town board members. These individuals attend training then review property owners assessment challenges during grievance day.

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