B'ville: A senior rec center

Senior centers keep seniors active and productive and prolong the possibility of extended care at a fraction of the cost. Let's not forget the caregivers, mostly family who shoulder the burden of their loved ones. Ma, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa and in some cases all, have active and quality experiences at the center. Senior centers are the future in our ever-growing aging society.

What do you think about the intermunicipal cooperation that has made CWSC possible?

Consolidation, a buzzword today, Canton Woods started 30 years ago. Our forefathers had great insight realizing a senior center would be a great asset to the community, but that every town or village could not afford to operate one, so they consolidated their monies and efforts and the results were fantastic. We have a facility that provides services and quality of life experiences to our senior population, which is second to none. To all, over the years, for setting a wonderful example of what can be done and have contributed to this success story, thank you.

How does Baldwinsville compare with other communities in regard to activities, a place to congregate for seniors?

The record speaks for itself. For example, seniors have come to the center from surrounding areas, and many of them move to Baldwinsville because of what is offered. Not only because of Canton Woods, but Baldwinsville has great senior housing and activities that appeal to a very diversified senior population. Baldwinsville is a great community for all.

What is (will be ) your legacy at Canton Woods?

My legacy at Canton Woods are the seniors, their families and friends and the Baldwinsville community I've served over the years. It's a nice feeling when a government official, be it national, state or local tells you how wonderful Canton Woods is and that your are doing a good job. But nothing beats how you feel when a senior, their family or friends shake your hand, put an arm, around you or give you a hug and tell you 'we love you' and you have made a difference in our lives. A legacy doesn't get any better than that.

In conclusion, as a senior myself, I will be retiring shortly and intend to be an active member of Canton Woods and take advantage of all the many activities and services offered. Most of all to be with the wonderful people who make Canton Woods the great place it is.

Finally, thank you to the Baldwinsville community over the years for your caring and support.

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