Colgate student arrested for web threat

Student arrested for web threat

By Willie Kiernan


You go to juicycampus.com and type in your school name. Posted is all the gossip that's unfit for print. That's where Colgate University student George So, 20, went to post his thoughts on how to shut the school down.

The post read, "I wonder if I could shut down the school by saying I'm going to shoot as many people as I can in my second class tomorrow. I hope I get more than 50."

The junior from California posted the message on the web site on Monday afternoon March 10. The message was the traced to his apartment, rented to him by Colgate. Even though Juicy Campus promises anonymity for it's users, the computer was able to be tracked down by the University and local agencies.

"What a sad, sad thing for CNY/Hamilton/Colgate yesterday," said Hamilton Mayor Sue McVaugh.

The post concluded, "For liability reasons and ip tracking I won't leave it at that. But seriously, this site is rediculous, (sic) if it got big, and someone put the effort into writing a big long serious suicide note informing all readers that he would kill over 100 kids, they could shut down the school. Nice."

So was locked up Tuesday morning in the Madison County Jail for Aggravated Harassment in lieu of $1,000 bail.

"There were many good things that came out of the day, though, most notably that no one was injured and that a phalanx of law enforcement/public safety/medical/administrators came together and acted in harmony," McVaugh said. "Very stressful, but in the end we felt very well prepared for whatever the day would bring."

When the university was alerted to the post, it discontinued e-mail service on campus.

The Juicy Campus web site, which includes a rating on all the posts, showed this post to have an 18 percent rating. JuicyCampus.com is owned by Lime Blue, a Nevada LLC, founded Aug. 1, 2007 with the simple mission of enabling online anonymous free speech on college campuses.

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